NRA: Two-Year-Old Gun Victim Should Have Been Armed Reply



The tragic death of a two-year old Kentucky girl who was shot and killed by her five-year old brother outside their Burkesville home last week could have been easily prevented, according to the NRA.

“It is undeniably heartbreaking that this young girl was killed at the hands of a close family member,” NRA Spokesperson Michael Schott told a crowd outside the Burkesville Sheriff’s office, where a demonstration had gathered to protest tighter gun restrictions.  “But we at the NRA believe that if little Caroline had also been armed, she might have defended herself against her older brother.”

Schott paused to wipe away a tear.  “At the very least, it would have given her the chance to fight back,” he added, to cheers from the crowd.  “As it is, her brother walked away completely unharmed.  To our knowledge, he hasn’t even been grounded.  What kind of justice is that?”


The NRA also released a statement claiming that the incident, “serves to underscore the truth inherent in our previous stance on firearm ownership:  In essence, the only thing that stops a five-year old with a gun, is a two-year old with a gun.”

Many Burkesville residents have acknowledged that children in the tightly-knit Kentucky community are regularly exposed to guns from a young age.  Still, some local parents are coming forward to assert that they themselves would never leave a child of five unattended with a firearm, even a weapon such as the one used in this case, which was marketed as “My First Rifle” and therefore targeted, so to speak, at young children.

Lashing back at mounting criticism of a culture which permits or even encourages gun ownership at a young age, other NRA officials have been quick to point out that there is a reason there is no minimum age in Kentucky for the possession shotguns or rifles—and that to change that law would be unconstitutional.

“The right to bear arms does not discriminate against age in this state,” Michael Schott told reporters.  “In fact, in many cultures across the world, a ‘well-armed militia’ by necessity includes children.  Are we really going to sit back and let other countries arm their children, while we foolishly keep guns out of the hands of our own?”

Other gun-rights advocates have pointed out that children are already restricted from countless rights and privileges until they reach a certain age.  “Little kids can’t drive a car, they can’t drink, they can’t vote,” said Kentucky resident and NRA member Keith Frum.  “They can barely have any fun at all.  The least we can do is let them operate firearms.  Let’s throw them a bone here.”





NEA Chief rejects NRA recommendations Reply

(CNN) — The president of the nation’s largest teachers group on Wednesday rejected the National Rifle Association’s proposal to put guns in schools.

“We believe the NRA’s focus is misguided and in fact a distraction from what we ought to be talking about,” said Dennis Van Roekel, president of the National Education Association in an interview on CNN International’s Connect the World.

A day earlier, the NRA’s National School Shield program recommended training and arming adults in schools as a first line of defense against mass shootings such as the December massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. The group, led by former U.S. Rep. Asa Hutchinson, outlined a total of eight recommendations such as school resource officer training programs, access control systems and an online school safety evaluation tool.

Van Roekel said the group’s main recommendation is off-base.

“When we poll our members or the public, they overwhelmingly…

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NRA and Gun Advocates’ Bizarre and Ignorant Opposition to New UN Arms Trade Treaty Reply

Sparking The Left

On Tuesday, the United Nations passed a new treaty regarding international trade of arms that, as UNICEF’s chief of Child Protection puts it,

“asks States to explicitly consider the risk that an arms transfer could facilitate serious acts of violence against women and children before allowing it to proceed…This is critical given that weapons are now one of the leading causes of death of children and adolescents in many countries, including many that are not experiencing war.”

But the treaty must now be ratified by two-thirds of the United States Senate in order for it to become law, a hurdle that may be too much to overcome for advocates of the resolution.  As reported by Reuters, the Senate already took symbolic action against the treaty nearly two weeks before it was even passed by the UN.  So, why the opposition?  What’s in the wording of the treaty that’s so…

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Countering the Right: The Kid’s Argument Against Gun Control Part 1 Reply

Sparking The Left

A recently posted video on YouTube has been making the rounds in conservative circles as it shows an eloquent 15-year-old girl giving a speech to Maryland legislators against gun control.  The speech is well delivered and only has one major flaw: most of her points are shoddy arguments, at best, when looked at a little more critically.

To begin, an early piece of her opinion jumps out as a stretch of imagination considering reality.

You are not eliminating guns from society but eliminating our ability to protect our lives, liberty, and pursuits of happiness.

Actually, most people seem to be doing just fine living their lives and pursuing their happiness without guns in their possession.  As has been reported in recent years, the number of gun owners in the U.S. has dropped and seems to be continuing in that direction as “the number of households owning guns has declined from…

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Countering the Right: The Kid’s Argument Against Gun Control Part 2 Reply

Sparking The Left

Continued from Part 1 here

Then a common and pertinent point made by gun advocates and worth addressing.

Now, even of those 3,371, only 37 were killed with a rifle which is barely 1%.  98% were killed with a handgun so creating gun control legislation that targets assault rifles has statistically proven to only weed out less than 1% of the problem, if you are lucky.

This point is relevant and there is no denying the numbers but it doesn’t tell the whole story of lives lost.  If we are going to take a critical look at the most high-powered weapons, we have to look at Mexico and what has gone on there over the past seven years.  As I’ve stated before, the Assault Weapons Ban expired in late 2004 and two years later former President Calderon began sending Mexican Army troops into the areas where the drug…

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Americans in Disagreence with President Obama Reply

Gun Violence in America

The Sandy Hook tragedy has many  Americans are convinced the federal government needs to pass tougher gun control laws.This doesn’t mean they agree on how their President is going about it.

A new CNN-Opinion Research Corp. poll discovered that 52% of Americans dislike how President Obama is handling gun policy in the U.S. 45% of Americans support the president’s measures, and 3% are undecided.

The president struggles to win over independents with his proposals for gun control, as they disapprove of his policies 60% to 37%.

During the past few weeks, Obama has campaigned to pass his new gun control reforms. This week, the Senate will debate gun control legislation. This includes expanded background checks for gun sales, school security programs increase on funding, and plans to make gun trafficking a crime. However, many Republican senators have threatened to filibuster the bill.

Various states, such as Connecticut and Maryland, have…

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Guns or People ? Reply

lost in this big world

ok so this happened about 8 hours ago…at lunch. I stayed inside the class room to make up a math test. inside were pretty much the usual kids who stay inside during lunch. I used to stay in a lot …..cuz I knew “he” stayed in. I haven’t inna while but he was there yet again. I decided to stay in the whole lunch cuz college is off spring break and everywhere for lunch would be packed… ANYWAYS I have NO idea how the subject came up…oh wait yes I do….a couple of my friends were talking about grades (lets call them alex dez and zoey) so zoey was teling alex all about how dez has all A’s and that she gets good grades cuz she whats to be a marine. now at this point the (particularly cute) guy to me left (lets call him steven ❤ ) makes a joke about how marines don’t need to be smart (please don’t take offence…like I said it was…

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Passing Laws Don’t Solve Problems? Reply

Gun Violence in America

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) does not support the recent talks of doing more criminal background checks for the purchase of firearms. He argues that laws like that will not catch people who violate the law. However, he acknowledged an irregularity in the stance used by the National Rifle Association.

“Criminals don’t care about the laws that we pass with regards to guns,” Rubio said on ABC’s “This Week.” “They never follow the law — that’s why they are criminals.”

Not many supporters of the NRA’s position willingly acknowledge the illogicality of the claim. If laws make certain actions illegal, people that refuse to follow a law then, by definition, become criminals. Then it can be said that passing laws cannot solve problems because the laws will be violated, which then implies that Congress is helpless to solve problems.

Rubio later repeated the argument on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

“My skepticism…

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