The 1911 Sucks (TROLOLOLOL!) Reply


If you ever want to start a flame war on a firearms related internet forum, just start bashing any particular platform or caliber and someone who has invested a lot of money/practice time in that platform will likely chime in and provide you with a 1000 word essay detailing why you are wrong.

Bashing the 1911 pistol can be deliciously fun so let’s begin!

The magazines are flimsy and prone to bent lips.

Above: A 1911 user during a tactical course.

External safeties work against you

Above: The 1911 manual of arms.

The Magazine capacity (or lack thereof)

Above: The 1911 in action.

They are annoying to field strip 

They often cost twice as much as a modern striker-fired pistol


The subcompact 1911s make the suckage even more refined! 


If you have a 1911 that you have put hundreds of rounds through and can readily draw from…

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