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lost in this big world

ok so this happened about 8 hours ago…at lunch. I stayed inside the class room to make up a math test. inside were pretty much the usual kids who stay inside during lunch. I used to stay in a lot …..cuz I knew “he” stayed in. I haven’t inna while but he was there yet again. I decided to stay in the whole lunch cuz college is off spring break and everywhere for lunch would be packed… ANYWAYS I have NO idea how the subject came up…oh wait yes I do….a couple of my friends were talking about grades (lets call them alex dez and zoey) so zoey was teling alex all about how dez has all A’s and that she gets good grades cuz she whats to be a marine. now at this point the (particularly cute) guy to me left (lets call him steven ❤ ) makes a joke about how marines don’t need to be smart (please don’t take offence…like I said it was…

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