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While the debate rolls on, over and over again, people who were able to make it to the NRA Annual meeting in Texas were astonished to find not the masses of gun control advocates that said that they would be there to protest the meeting, but only around 40 showed up. However it was a success to see in one place that not only We The People can still support our 2nd Amendment rights but also our 1st Amendment rights! Both sides stayed cordial to each other (for the most part). reps asked each side to write notes to the others and one NRA attendee wrote: “Your right to protest is of equal importance to our right to own and carry guns. Keep up the great work. Freedom for ALL.” Check out all of the notes at:

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The 1911 Sucks (TROLOLOLOL!) Reply


If you ever want to start a flame war on a firearms related internet forum, just start bashing any particular platform or caliber and someone who has invested a lot of money/practice time in that platform will likely chime in and provide you with a 1000 word essay detailing why you are wrong.

Bashing the 1911 pistol can be deliciously fun so let’s begin!

The magazines are flimsy and prone to bent lips.

Above: A 1911 user during a tactical course.

External safeties work against you

Above: The 1911 manual of arms.

The Magazine capacity (or lack thereof)

Above: The 1911 in action.

They are annoying to field strip 

They often cost twice as much as a modern striker-fired pistol


The subcompact 1911s make the suckage even more refined! 


If you have a 1911 that you have put hundreds of rounds through and can readily draw from…

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More Women Buying, Learning To Shoot Guns Reply

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A little mother-daughter time on a sunny Tuesday.

Maggie and Molly are meeting up with a group of gals — at the shooting range, for a firearms course run by Pittsburgh-based INPAX.

“There are four fundamentals of defensive handgun,” an instructor said to a group of women learining to shoot.

Training facilities across the region report an upsurge in the number of female students — among this group, moms, consultants, brokers, co-eds and others.

[worldnow id=8854589 width=385 height=255 type=video]

“You’re mom and daughter, you’re not going shopping, or to yoga, you’re going to shoot guns, what’s the reaction?” KDKA’s Kym Gable asked.

“They’re not at all surprised,” Mary Morrow and Maggie Miller said. “The people who know us don’t find it at all surprising. She’s my role model, my best friend and doing this has been fun.”

“She would be one of the main reasons I’d use…

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NRA Vendor Sells Ex-Girlfriend Target That Bleeds When You Shoot It Reply

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NRA Vendor Sells Ex-Girlfriend Target That Bleeds When You Shoot It.

*Trigger warning*

Sometimes I feel like the NRA is actively just trying to lose all the credibility it has left in this world.

Just when you thought the NRA’s annual convention in Houston this weekend couldn’t draw any more negative attention, it goes out and casually promotes a company selling a product that can help you practice shooting your ex-girlfriend. You know, in case you need that to defend yourself one day from your ex-girlfriend. We all know them ex-honeys can be crazzzzy.

The target, which is delightfully called “the ex,” is sold by a vendor who was present at the annual convention. Although it’s unclear if they displayed the mannequin or not, it was included in the pamphlet they displayed at their booth.  The company goes by the name of Zombie Industriesand markets itself…

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